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Creative Xdock Wireless music system Creative's Xdock Wireless music system broadcasts music in Xtreme Fidelity from your iPod to anywhere in your home. Simply place your iPod in the Xdock, put the X-Fi Wireless Receiver in any room, connect speakers or headphones and enjoy wire-free music! Want to enjoy ‘big screen' movies with incredible DTS 5.1 surround from your iPod? It's easy - connect the Xdock Wireless to your TV and home cinema system! As well as full remote control over your player, the Xdock Wireless gives you all the benefits of Xtreme Fidelity audio enhancement technologies such as X-Fi Crystalizer, which restores the 'sparkle' to MP3 music and X-Fi CMSS 3D, which converts it to surround sound. Want to listen in more rooms? Simply add extra X-Fi Wireless Receivers!
Expand your Xdock Wireless or Xmod Wireless music system with Creative X-Fi Wireless Receivers. Add as many rooms as you like, - simply connect speakers or headphones to enjoy wire-free music in Xtreme Fidelity, without installing cables or a wi-fi network! In ‘Broadcast' mode they will all play the same music - great for parties! To choose the rooms where you want your music to go use ‘Zone' mode, which enables you to activate up to four Receivers individually.
Производител CREATIVE
Форм фактор Не
USB портове Не
Размери (Д/В/Ш) Не
Тегло (кг. ) Не
Гаранционни условия (месец) 24
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